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    Roof Restoration Eastern Suburbs

    All Roof Repairs & Restoration Services Bondi To Randwick

    We offer expert roof restoration and repair services to ensure homes are business properties are properly protected from the elements.

    Our Comprehensive range of Services Include:
    • A no obligation inspection of the work required for the preparation of a quote.
    • Ridge and hip cap re-bedding
    • High pressure washing
    • Replacement of damaged tiles
    • Replacement of damaged roofing iron.
    • Replacement of damaged guttering and down pipes
    • Leaf clearing from gutters and leaf guard installation.
    • Clean up and removal of all leftover debris from your property.
    • A written guarantee or materials and workmanship.

    Thorough Inspection and Assessment

    Our qualified tradesmen will undertake a detailed inspection and advise you of a suitable repair solution.
    If this solution is acceptable to you we will prepare a free quote detailing the work we undertake to do.
    Repairs by Experienced Tradesmen
    We are experienced and qualified tradesmen and can repair any leaking roof, guttering or down pipe.. The repairs we do range from partial roofing material replacement through to fixing non performing flashings and we guarantee our work. No roofing job is too big or too small.

    Re-Pointing Ridge & Hip Capping

    Over time the the pointing along ridge caps and hips can crack and fall apart. The application of new pointing is done by qualified tradesmen to ensure your home properly waterproofed.

    Why Choose Roof Repairs Quote?

    A leaking roof can become a major issue if left unattended to. It can not only weaken the substructure it can cause expensive to fix problems if water penetrates electrical fittings, insulation and ceiling linings. Many home and contents insurance policies are void and do not cover such damage if there is a lack of prudent maintence on the roof over many years.
    Engaging us to do a regular gutter clean and roof inspection will identify any issues requiring attention at an early stage before they become a major and costly repair item.

    If you have any roof, guttering or down pipe repairs requiring attention, call us today!